This summer, SNSD will be uniting with their fellow Hallyu Leaders; SHINee, U-Kiss and B.A.P for a concert in Macao in July!

The four K-Pop groups will hold a large scale concert titled ‘K-POP Nation Concert in Macao 2012’ at the Venetian Hotel in Macao on July 2, 8PM local time.

K-POP Nation Concert in Macao 2012‘ will be different from regular concerts and music shows in that each artist will put on performances and share stories not heard before at their individual concerts. In fact if you think about it, 4 groups, 1 concert that normally lasts for hours…. sounds legit to me, more stage time for our Girls!

To bring the concert’s heat to wider audiences in Asia, local broadcaster MBC ‘Plus Media‘, China’s ‘CCTV’ and Hong Kong’s ‘NOW TV‘ will all broadcast the event later in each country.

Event organizers stated, “The tickets were made available through an overseas website but both domestic and overseas fans made telephone inquiries and the service became paralyzed after ticket sale opened.”

Source: Nate, dkpopnews