TaeTiSeo’s guesting on KBS2’s ‘Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook‘ where the three performed ‘Twinkle’ as well as their solo stages, has been finally aired!

Check out the next clips below and watch Taeyeon’s cover of ‘Take a Bow‘ by Rihanna, Seohyun’s cover of ‘Jack’ by Pixie Lott, Tiffany’s cover of Adele’sRolling in the Deep’ and TaeTiSeo’s ‘Twinkle’ performance. Amazing English skills right?? Anyone else super impressed??

‘Take a bow’, ‘Jack’, ‘Rolling in the Deep’

Talk + ‘Twinkle’

TaeTiSeo also performed another song titled ‘Cater to You’ but it was edited out by the show, don’t worry because you can watch the fancam of that performance below!;

‘Caster To You’

(P.S, Did anyone notice Tiffany’s Christmas tree?? i loled hard 😀 )

Source: wondergeneration, FunkyFlapjacks@snsdkorean (christmas tree scrn shot)