Actor Kim SooRo revealed a brother-sister-like shot of himself and our very sexy SooYoung.

On May 27th, through his personal Twitter account, Kim SooRo tweeted, “I’ve finished (filming/shooting) the ad! So, round 2 of the people I met today. I’m revealing it now. Jja jan. Please look at us in a cute way” and attached with it a photo he took with Sooyoung.

In the photo revealed, Kim SooRo dressed neatly in a grey suit with a bright smile on his face, showing his close friendship with Sooyoung. Sooyoung who was seen in a leather jacket, posed with a V-sign along with Kim SooRo, showing her mature-looking beauty and charm.

(P.S, is that Tiffany i see in the background? on the mini stand? lolol..probably not D=)

Source: dkpopnews