The drama Yuri has been part of finally aired its last episode on May 22nd! It has been quite a journey for Yuri and us viewers too as the drama was quite.. unpredictable… if you know what I’m talking about! Either way our Yuri has done a super fantastic job in acting especially for her first time! I was very surprised that Yuri can pull it off that well without any previous experience and I’m also glad the writer/director didn’t cut her off with a death scene 😀 Anyways, on that same day the last episode was aired, the cast and crew held a farewell party together, check out their pictures below! Congratz~

(P.S, Maybe Yuri can join in the fun at concerts from now on wooo we missed you!)

(P.S.S, she was only busy with her drama the past few months…now that it is finished, she literally has…nothing to do lololol LONG BREAK DESERVED)