On MBC ‘Beautiful Concert’ aired on May 22nd, TTS performed ‘Twinkle’ and ‘Baby Steps’ as previously posted, and showed their wits in replying to questions directed at them by the MC.

In reply to MC of the show, Hong KyungMin’s question, “What was the reason for forming a unit consisting of 3 members out of the 9 members in Girls’ Generation?”, Taeyeon said, “The other members have their own acting activities. The three of us wanted to put more focus on music.”

After that Hong KyungMin asked, “If TaeTiSeo were to recruit one person into the unit, who would it be?”. Seohyun replied, “Probably it’s Hyoyeon. I think it will be great as Hyoyeon will be dancing while the three of us are singing.”

Tiffany added, “As Hyoyeon is participating in MBC ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ recently, I think her Rumba dance would go well with our music”, expressing her admiration towards Hyoyeon’s dancing skill.

Source: reviewstar.hankooki.com, (translation) fanwonder