-UPDATE- More Photos Added

-UPDATE- Added Fancams

On the 20th of May, 7PM PST, our SMTown artists held a concert inside the Honda Centre. With live streaming available for those that are unable to go, it is almost impossible to miss (may i add that i didn’t have tickets nor did i watch the live stream because it was at 4am for me and i didn’t realise there was a live stream available FFFFFFF)!! However like me, if you missed the live stream, here are the amazing performances and pictures of our 7 out of 9 angels with extra Back stage choding pictures!

Also, as some of you may have predicted, Yoona and Yuri was unable to attend this concert as they were busy with their drama filming! Nevertheless, SNSD, without 2 members, gave it their best for us sones! Enjoy~

-Will Be Updated With Official Videos / FanCams And Pictures!!! Stay Tuned!-



TaeNy And Leeteuk MC Cuts

The Boys (Eng)




Taeyeon’s Devil’s Cry


Kissing You


Jessica and f(x) Krystal California Girls

SMTown Artists Finale


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