On today’s Inkigayo, there was a tough battle for the top as many kpop stars made their debut/ comeback stage such as Baek Ji Young, Infinite, GangKiz, She’z, Dalmatian and not to mention special stages such as EXO’s MAMA with all 12 members. Even so, with all these high anticipated debut/comebacks, our Trio once again battled their way through to achieve their 2nd win! And with that little bit of Troll in them, they even performed ‘The Traffic Safety‘ song to promote safety on the road! So far, TaeTiSeo have swept all music shows for 2 running weeks in a row…daebak, lets hope for a 3rd!! Check them out below!


Traffic Safety song

Winner’s Stage

(P.S, is it just me or do they have a new dance routine for twinkle?)

Source: mysoshi9, sbsmusic1