Our student maknae, Seohyun, who is known for her well-behaved manners, sent a heart-warming text message to her former teacher on Korea’s Teacher’s Appreciation Day.

On May 16th, an online community posted a screen capture titled ‘Seohyun sends a Kakao message to her past teacher on Teacher’s Day’ and has been receiving attention!

The screen capture showed a Kakao message Seohyun had sent to her high school teacher. The message reads, “Teacher. I really miss you. I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to go see you on ‘Teacher’s Day.’ I am always thankful. After my album activities are over, I will try to go see you. I ❤ you~”.

The high school teacher replied with, ‘I am enjoying your song. I am always watching you with pride.”

So thoughtful Seohyun!

Source: Naver, dkpopnews