A photo of actor Gong HyungJin grabbing Sunny by the collar was revealed on May 11th.

In the coming episode of KBS ‘Invincible Youth 2′, actor Gong HyungJin who is a huge fan of the show visited the Idol Village in Daebudo. Gong HyungJin who knows every detail of ‘Invincible Youth 2′ including the members’ personalities, location of filming and even the names of the animals, was excited to be on the program and showed his delight upon meeting the G6 members by shaking their hands.

At that moment, Sunny gave a special welcome with her aegyo to greet the visiting guest, Gong HyungJin. Upon seeing Sunny’s excessive aegyo, Gong HyungJin pretended to lose his temper and grabbed Sunny by the collar, saying, “This is the ‘aegyo that calls for collar grabbing’”, drawing laughters from the other members of the show.

In fact, Gong HyungJin once picked Sunny as the member on ‘Invincible Youth 2′ that he wants to meet the most. During the filming, Gong HyungJin has been taking good care of Sunny, showing that he is indeed her true samchon (uncle) fan.

Make sure to catch Sunny’s Aegyo that calls for collar grabbing which will be revealed on May 12th.

Source:  tvreport.co.kr, (Translation) fanwonder