I think I spoke too soon in my last post about SNSD appearing together…

“In an interview with JoongAng Daily at Music Bank’s waiting room on April 4th, Tiffany hinted of Girls’ Generation’s new Japanese single in this coming summer. She went on to describe the single as the most difficult choreography in history even though the movements are not huge but because of the fast beats of the song, which is energy draining. ”

O…M…to the GGI think my heart just blew up! And all I did was read the first few words Tiffany said!… Wow.. I know its only a few sentences but i already Cannot wait for this song to come out! Summer, please come quicker! ~~The Power To Control Timeeee~~~ 

Meanwhile, Tiffany also mentioned her thoughts about doing a drama. She said that she has not done one before so she has no confidence in the aspect and she said she needs to train more to improve her acting.

However, her participation in musicals has enabled her to learn a lot and she has experienced the fun of acting through it as well.

What do you guys think??

Source: joongang.co.kr, (Translation) fanwonder.com