I don’t know how she does it but our SeoBaby, with her jam-packed schedule with promoting ‘Twinkle’, still manages to fit some time to watch Ock JooHyun’s musical, ‘Guys and Dolls’.

SeoBaby is seen hugging JooHyun with tonnes of sisterly love as she shares on her twitter;

For those who don’t know, Ock JooHyun is a legendary singer that was part of Korea’s previous heavenly angels, Fin.K.L, a kpop girlgroup that debuted in 1998 and dominated most of 2000-2005. She is know to have a close relationship with all SNSD members as older sister and friend!

Thinking about the legendary Fin.K.L really makes me think about SNSD’s future! I mean even after the age of Fin.K.L, each member is still super big in the entertainment industry and their hardcore fans still cheer them on like no tomorrow. I can really expect the aftermath of SNSD and us Sones still protecting and cheering each and every member! SNSD, SONES FIGHTING!~

Source: Ock JooHyun @Twitter