Singer Ivy showed her appreciation towards Seohyun after receiving sweet potatoes as a present.

On May 4th, Ivy wrote on her personal blog, “Today is Music Bank. And today I’m sharing the waiting room with TaeTiSeo. When I said I was hungry, Seohyun came and gave me sweet potatoes. Pretty Seohyun also has a pretty heart. The sweet potatoes are so slim, just like the girls. They are Girls’ Generation sweet potatoes.” She also posted a photo of the sweet potatoes.

In the photo, you can see the three sweet potatoes given by Seohyun, still partially wrapped in its foil. Seohyun, who is known for her love towards sweet potatoes, must have given Ivy the sweet potatoes to satisfy her hunger.

Netizens who came across the photo wrote, “Yes, Seohyun’s love for sweet potatoes is quite famous”, “Why do I feel that the three sweet potatoes is like TTS?”, “Has Ivy now experienced Seohyun’s love for sweet potatoes?”, “It is so good to see the friendliness between seniors and juniors”, and much more.

Credits:, (Translation) fanwonder