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The Kpop craze is setting off like wildfire! As if appearing on LA Times and TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle topping the charts wasn’t impressive enough, Girls’ Generation was recently mentioned in a featured article on the Grammy Awards’ Official Website. *cheers*

The article describes the success of Kpop and the wide range of its audiences. Below are the girls’ thoughts on this.

Sunny: “When we performed in Los Angeles, New York and Paris, we were shocked and surprised to see that the majority of our fans were non-Asian. That is when we realized how big and influential K-pop was [becoming] around the world.”

Tiffany: “Now with most groups trying to expand and break through into other markets and territories, the competition is that much stronger. So we are so thankful to our fans for supporting us.”

In addition, the statistics of their hit song “Gee” was brought up to prove the prevalence of Kpop.

Source: grammy.com