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*gasp* So there IS a reason!

Surprise! So today SNSDKorean decided to get in on the April 1st festivities (a little late, I might add, but better late than never, right?) and throw our readers a curve ball by temporarily transforming the site into SHINeeKorean. Well, since our participation in the event was such short notice we couldn’t do much about the graphics so the site remained pink and Soshifilled around the edges, but I made sure the front page was covered in SHINee news. Did you have fun reading my articles? ^_^ There were mentions of the girls here and there, so it wasn’t a complete and total takeover.


I hope you all had a good day and maybe even read/watched a thing or two about a group you may not pay much attention to under normal circumstances. And if you met with any pranks outside this site I hope they weren’t overly traumatic for you 🙂

Finally, a big thanks to the readers who figured out they were being trolled but laughed despite the lack of Soshi.

I'm using a SHINee gif and you're going to deal with it >=D it mirrors my feelings right now

Your support may not seem like much, but it’s little things like this that let us know how much our readers care about the blog, which in turn makes us want to do more fun things in the future and work harder to serve your Soshi addiction.

Dreadtech: To Those that caught the April Fools, good on you. To those that didn’t and criticized plotbunny, don’t fly off the handle so easily. To those that knew, didn’t enjoy the april fools and wanted to post a negative comment, shame on you, plotbunny worked hard just so that she could make you laugh and being a shawol I suggested that she have creative control over today and she took hours to make this all knowing that she would be deleting them all just so she could make some people laugh. April fool’s is about lightening up and Shinee is part of the SM family. Even if you don’t like Shinee you can retreat for the day since it’ll all disappear. Personal attacks against someone’s posting is disgusting, plotbunny has been with us for a long time doing her part for the blog, she’s family and her posts don’t deserve criticism when she’s having fun and trying to make us smile. this is SNSDkorean, but bashing Shinee is like bashing the cousin, it’s just stupid. Suju says “Our SM FAMILY”, understand Soshi supports their fellow bandlabel mates.