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It looks like some clips from the previous teaser were used/just extended upon in this one, but OMG it’s 30 secsss of sexiness! I’m personally a bit disappointed that there seems to be a lack of storyline in the MV, or at least from what can be seen from the teaser anyways.

Although the ‘stories’ in MVs aren’t usually very elaborate regardless, I think they still make the video more enjoyable to watch and is a better experience when you can portray the lyrics in a visual manner. There’s certainly a lot of potential for some sort of storyline with The Boys, and hopefully it’s just not revealed since it’s a teaser video. I hope this isn’t a trend SM is starting since Mr. Taxi – Yes, the girls can make anything into eye candy, but we know SM can do better. It’s still too early to call the shots, but in the mean time, this teaser is on repeat..