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Yoona: singer, actress, model, dancer, tourism ambassador, choding ;), photographer (huh?)…..

Yes, our dear Yoona actually has a very keen eye for capturing beauty behind the lens of the camera too.

Albeit not a proper photographic instrument to begin with (although there are those that will strongly disagree with me) in the conventional sense of the word, our deer Yoona still managed to showcase her artistic photographic skills pretty well, using just the camera in her mobile phone :).

Recently surfaced on the Web, Yoona showcased several beautifully captured images using her mobile’s built-in camera for SONEs and casual fans alike to enjoy.

Although comprising of only a few images, it nonetheless shows the potential talent that our beloved young lady has stored in her persona, that has yet to be revealed to the world at large :D.

So,without further ado, here are the said posted images (and Yoona’s personal accompanying comments for each photo). Enjoy !


How is everyone from the fansite~!?
This is Yoona!
Lately I’ve really liked taking pictures of the sky, so I collected a TON~ of pictures on my phone.

This is a photo of the sky in Korea’s Seoul.

This is a photo of Osaka’s sky which was photographed during the Japan Tour.
It’s really pretty right?~♪
I still have a lot of pictures, so I’ll upload them later~

(Personally, I prefer the 1st photo;). How about the rest of you ?)

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: risse9@twitter.com, SeraphKY@soshified.com, MoonSoshi9@soshified.com