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Yoona will return to the screen with the new drama ‘Love Rain,’ alongside Jang Geunseuk!

Earlier today, Yoona’s casting in Yoon Seokho’s ‘Love Rain’ was confirmed! She will take on the female lead while Jang Geunseok will play her male counterpart.

Set in the 1970s, ‘Love Rain’ tells the love story of a man and woman who meet in college. No other details about the plot have been revealed but Yoona is said to play two characters in the drama, a college student named Kim Yoonhee in the 1970s, and her daughter, Yuri, in the present day.

Yoona proved her acting abilities in the daily drama ‘You Are My Destiny’ and ‘Cinderella Man,’ and her casting was bolstered by her youthful, innocent image. She is scheduled to start filming this fall; it will not affect SNSD’s comeback.

The drama has also been gaining interest due to the reunion of producer Yoon Seokho and writer Oh Sooyeon for the first time in ten years. The two both worked on the dramas ‘Autumn Tale’ and ‘Winter Sonata.’

‘Love Rain’ is expected to air in the first half of 2012. Fighting!

Source: sports.donga.com, asiatoday.co.kr, Naver (via ch0ssi/somaek/michaelroni@soshified.com)
Image: InStyle (via yurui.kr)