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+ Interview with Billboard Korea [2011.08.31]

On August 14, Girls’ Generation performed as a special guest at 2011 SUMMER SONIC… The nine members sat down with Billboard Korea to discuss their appeal as performers and the problem of overcoming criticisms as a stereotypical ‘dance group.’

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On August 14, Girls’ Generation performed as a special guest at 2011 SUMMER SONIC, one of Japan’s annual rock music festivals, held at Makuhari Messe Convention Centre in Chiba, Japan. The nine members sat down with Billboard Korea to discuss their appeal as performers and the problem of overcoming criticisms as a stereotypical ‘dance group.’

With the two-day festival coming to an end, the group was asked, “Which charms of Girls’ Generation have appealed to international fans?” to which they answered – rather unexpectedly – in a modest and humble manner. They talked calmly about the happiness/gratitude of performing as the closing act on the final day following both well-known Japanese bands as well as international acts (such as Avril Lavigne and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers), as they humbly commented, “People being so enthusiastic after seeing us [perform] shows just how much love K-Pop is receiving.”

Regarding their international appeal, particularly as a seemingly overpopulated music group leading the Hallyu wave, they stated, “When looking at foreign artists, there are a lot of soloists. On the other hand, all nine of us have our own colours, and have fresh appeal [to people]. I think the charms they see when we perform, which can’t be seen through a solo artist, means that we are often subject to higher appraisal.”

The nine member dance group has been receiving European recognition as singers whose upbeat, catchy music compels listeners to dance along. Over the last year, Girls’ Generation have been moving away from their local music scene in Korea and are not only expanding into the worldwide market – in fact, already dominating the Japanese music industry – but also dispelling the (European) prejudice of Asian artists being at a musical disadvantage. It is apparent that there is the stereotype that the focus of Asian pop idol groups is their performance (that is, dance and stage presence) rather than singing or bona fide musical attributes. The girls acknowledge that they have been hounded by such criticisms but remain unperturbed; to them, performing onstage is about giving their best to the fans and receiving that reciprocal support.

“Rather than showing how perfect we are, we want to show us doing our best. Whether it’s our singing or performance, rather than a perfect stage, we want to be able to give people strength. If they feel happiness watching our performances, then I think how we are now is more precious than [people’s] judgements. That is the exact reason why we get on stage.”

Source: Billboard Korea (via ch0ssi/michaelroni@soshified.com)

OP [2011.08.15]:

+Added press pictures, Japanese news video cut
+Added clip of the Great Escape sound problem, some fancams, and fantaken pics of TaeNy

Only one day after the Incheon Korean Wave Music Festival, our girls flew back to Tokyo, Japan to perform at Summer Sonic 2011!

Shoujo Jidai – who were special guests appearing on only the second day of the festival – performed six songs, the rather lengthy setlist comprised of Genie, Mr Taxi, Run Devil Run, Let It Rain, Bad Girl, and The Great Escape.

Due to technical errors, The Great Escape was performed twice; apparently the music stopped but the girls kept singing, obliterating any lip-sync accusations and proving that they are truly professional and unstoppable performers. Surprisingly, Gee – arguably their most popular song – was not performed, although I’ve read this is because of the aforementioned technical failure.

New outfits were sported by the ladies. (Those protruding shoulder pads only bolster their ever changing ensemble of outfits; I’m getting a strong galactic couture vibe from their clothes, if such a thing exists :p) Their appearance also drew in a massive, massive crowd.

[Bombeulli] It’s their introduction now! They greeted us in English, Japanese and Korean 🙂 Of course there are SNSD banners, people even brought telescopes. People wanted to go to the front, even human waves were created kekekeke I didn’t know that they are this popular.

[Bombeulli] Frankly speaking Summer Sonic is the most crazy concert among those I’ve watched. People said that they wanted to go to the front, they pushed and things were in a mess. T T

(Translation: imwhywhy@twitter.com)

Look at this crowd. Craaazy.

Before and after SNSD appeared onstage:

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