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Remember Vanness Wu (the guy in the scarf), the Taiwanese singer/entertainer and a very good friend of Tiffany and Sooyoung ? Well, a recent Youtube video released on-line…..

showed him giving the Girls’ “Mr. Taxi” dance steps a go 😀 !

The Youtube video in question is a cut from a recently aired Taiwanese radio variety show. On it, a Taiwanese radio personality named “Ah Da” showed off his “Mr. Taxi” dance moves, to the amusement of Vanness and the main radio-show host.

When the little dance demonstration ended, Vanness was actually asked if any corrections to the dance moves were necessary (the guy actually learnt the various dance steps from watching the “Mr. Taxi” music video ;)!), to which Vanness very kindly replied that the moves, in his opinion, were perfect.

“Ah Da” then commented that whether the way he danced made it more like a “Middle-age Generation” song rather than a “Girls’ Generation” song, bringing mild amusement to all present :).

Vanness next proceeded to offer his take on the expected hand movements during the song, to which “Ah Da” replied that he actually took a “sneak peek” at the dance manual for the song. He even termed the “hand waving/pressing” movement the “depressing the car horn” step of the dance 😀 !

The main radio-show host then persuaded Vanness to join them to do a short dance demo for viewers watching the programme. In essence, the dance movements are:

1. Turn right

2. Turn left

3. Turn right

4. Press the horn

Finally, towards the end of the video clip, Vanness actually sent Tiffany a short “shout-out” in English, telling her to say “Hi” to “Ah Da” should she meet him in person, since he is a big fan of hers too (in essence, a Fanytastic :D). Isn’t that so nice of him ?

Ok, here then is the Youtube clip of the programme. Enjoy !

by: kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: gayqueenful@soshified.com, iradiofm96@youtube.com