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Well, not exactly. SNSD’s Dancing Queen is not ashamed of her own moves, but when her close friend, Miss A’s Min, starts feeling the music Hyoyeon can’t help but wonder where Min draws the line.

In KBS2TV’s ‘Declaration of Freedom Saturday – Secret’ Hyoyeon revealed her thoughts on Min’s devil-may-care attitude about performing in public. She said, “[Min] dances automatically when she hears music. She dances to Beyoncé songs on the street, isn’t that bad enough?” Hyoyeon then wrapped up the corner by asking her friend to explain herself. After watching the video, Min replied, “I’m not concerned about how others see me in the first place.” She then talked about herself being used to doing things candidly.

It’s no surprise these two are such close friends. After all, Hyoyeon is one of the more outgoing and quirky members of SNSD; she and Min not only bond over their passion for dance, but their innocent and playful personalities are a perfect match.

This episode already aired – here’s a clip


And here are a couple clips showcasing the chemistry in motion between the two girls

Credits: fanwonder.com for translation, thesonesource25 for Hyoyeon cut