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Once S♡NEs see the term ‘Innisfree‘, straight away they would associate this brand to the girl who displays a pure & innocent image from SNSD – our dearest YoonA. In the past years she has been chosen as the ‘face’ for the Innisfree Green Life Campaign promotions, including appearing in the Innisfree Magazine and also showing off her clear and almost flawless skin in the numerous Innisfree CFs.

Although not dominating first place, Innisfree has achieved second place for the Eco-friendly Award, which is already a great achievement taking in consideration of all the well-known foreign brands out there. Although the Innisfree products itself are of good quality, we can’t deny that Yoona’s endorsement has contributed to the campaign’s success! The verdict of this Award was decided by the number of votes from consumers.

Credits: twitter.com/ soshified

Post written by Annabananaz@snsdkorean .com