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Singer and actor Kimura Takuya recently made an encouraging comment about SNSD that’s sure to send hearts aflutter back at so nyuh basecamp…

KimuTaku (as his fans affectionately have dubbed him) is arguably best-known for his position as a member of the Japanese idol group SMAP. Since the group’s debut in the early 1990s he has starred in a number of television dramas and has even taken on several movie roles. He’s like the George Clooney of Japanese entertainment (if George Clooney had gotten his big break as an idol).

 I can see why Yoona likes him, though I’m sure his handsome features are only part of the attraction. But really, those eyes…

*ahem* It was during a radio show that Kimura Takuya stated that Shoujo Jidai were “no joke” and selected their single “Gee” as the opening song for the episode. Yoona confirmed a while back on a talkshow that all the girls became fans when they watched his J-drama “Pride” and Yuri even shared a sweet story of Im Choding shedding tears over him. Yoona admitted she wanted to study hard and become confident in Japanese so that she can meet him one day. Kim Choding has also declared her affections for this multi-talented man and we’ve already seen the soshi sparks fly once (twice?)*. It appears neither girl is backing down so we’ll just have to see how things actually pan out when Shoujo Jidai has a chance to make his acquaintance at last. Just remember girls, no guy is worth damaging the Soshi Bond (like they need to be reminded). 😀

*In April 2010 SNSD appeared on “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” and revealed their international ideal men; Hyoyeon boldly announced that she fancied Kimura Takuya at which point Yoona became noticeably unhappy and stood up without a word. The other girls looked uneasily in her direction, but Hyoyeon kept fawning over her picture. Yoona just about stomped her foot as she peeled the cover off her picture of Kimura Takuya. She scolded Hyoyeon for picking the same guy, one Hyoyeon should know Yoona is crazy about. Months later, apparently the same scenario took place during a live broadcast of “E! News Korea-Star Q10 Hallyu Girl Group” Special. Hyoyeon declared her love for Kimura Takuya and once again incited the fury of Deer Love Goddess. Yoona had apparently told Hyoyeon that Kimura Takuya was hers many times before.

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Written by: plotbunny@snsdkorean