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Lately there’s been some more news on the HahaMong Show with our girls, giving us more of a taste of what’s to come.  Moms Haha and MC Mong had the girls at Haha’s house and treated them with their motherly love in several ways, such as bringing in a foot masseuse for the girls, personally cooking food for them, and having a special corner called “Tell your Mom,” where they confessed some of their feelings and received letters from their parents. Two of these confessions included Taeyeon thinking Yoona doesn’t have a curfew and Yoona saying Taeyeon is always out with someone….(makes ya wonder what they’re doing, don’t it?). And Haha also revealed he prefers T-ara over our girls…….-___-……haha it’s cool. I’m sure Sunny also has a little bias with her Folding Screen (Hyomin!)

ALSO, Sooyoung celebrated her FIRST BIRTHDAY on the show, celebrating her “20th Dol Celebration.” In Korea, the Dol Celebration is when a baby turns 1 year and is a momentous celebration in one’s life. However our Sooyoung wasn’t able to have one ;( so Mama Choi and Sooyoung’s sister came up with the idea to celebrate her first birthday 19 years later on the show, also sharing the celebration with her other 8 sisters. Seriously how cute is that, and, intended or not, she got to celebrate the “beginning of her life” with her members, her sisters who have become a huge and special part of her life <3. SOSHI BOND.

This seriously sounds like a show that can’t be missed! Hearing all this info just makes it even harder waiting for the show 🙂 So don’t forget to check it out next week, which will air on the 25th. Here’s a recent longer preview for the show.

Source: soompi (silent_scream; prettyoungthing)