PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. All writers MUST fill out the given application or I won’t read it. If you only want to do photoshop or podcast, then do something similar to Thatonezombie’s format. Also, don’t comment if it has nothing to do with being hired.

I know it doesn’t seem like long ago that we just hired a handful of new staffers but we’re a bit short handed these days and need a few more helpers! But…before I get into that, I’d like to give a warm welcome to SilentArchAngel for joining the team! 🙂 He’s probably sleeping right now but no doubt ya’ll will catch him soon!

Now onto business. We won’t be hiring a bunch of people this time around to be honest but we are looking for some writers that can post a few times a week and is willing to commit. We prefer those that are fluent (or decent enough) in English this time around.Also, if you are also quite the Photoshop guru (or can whip up some nice banners and graphics WHENEVER we ask for them) please tell us! Give you some plus points there. Lastly, we’ve stared doing podcasts lately (btw…new one shall be up for download soon!) so if you have experience with hosting radio shows or recording podcasts and doing all those amazing effects or if you just want to join in on the talking, tell us! Maybe even give us a sample of your work? To be honest I can’t handle the podcasts, thank goodness for Dreadtech and Maeniac but the more people that are experienced the better!

I’d prefer it if you already somewhat know wordpress but if not, we can work that out! Please fill out the application and make sure you leave your correct email down where WordPress asks for it (I’ll be contacting you from there). Deadline for all applications to be in is July 20 2PM KST.

Name/name you preferred to be called:
How many times can you expect to post per week?:
Please find an snsd related article and write about it here (don’t be shy 😛 and dont forget to site your sources!):
What about photoshop?:
What about podcasts?:

Commenters: Please keep this comment section clean so only comment if you’re  filling out an application or asking a question related to hiring. Thank you very much everyone!