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It makes you wonder if Tiffany or Yuri ever get jealous…

Not that kind of love! I said sisterly!

Krystal of f(x) recently had an interview with 10 Asiae.co.kr and the occasional questions about Jessica came up:

Q : Someone shot a video of you and your sister Jessica of Girls’ Generation holding hands at the Dream Concert. What did she say to you?

Oh her? Nothing. She just held my hand and kept waving to people. So I was like, “Ah, what?”, “Oh okay okay,” and kept waving my hand. (laugh)

Q : You’ve also appeared on KBS sports show “Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2” and SBS’ “Star King.” What did you talk about then?

“Star King” was my first variety show appearance and I got to go on it with my sister. I was relieved to have her next to me because I didn’t know what variety shows were about. She had had a lot of experience on them. And she would cover for me if I made a mistake. And I really did make a lot of mistakes, fumbling with my words, but she spoke for me so people said, “You must feel reassured. We saw her [Jessica] just as a young person but look at how she takes care of her younger sister.” It felt great.

In the early days of Soshi, Sica had stated she felt sorry for being a bad unnie to Krystal; it was only after debuting when she started to realize the importance of family. Now that they’re both in the industry, it’s always nice to see or hear about how well Jessica takes care of little Jung, both on and off the air.

Although maybe Krystal should be careful about what she learns from her sister in variety shows… I’m not sure if Sergeant Ice Princess Jr. is what she aims to become. XD

cr: Asiae.co.kr, vizyu @soompi
by: greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com