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An apt title for a fellow author in the snsdkorean family! Dear readers, dreadtech, who has recently joined the snsdkorean family, shares the same birthday as Lee Sunkyu. There’s nothing much to it, really. This post is posted a day after Sunny’s to avoid being overshadowed 😀 We hope you understand. We just want to show the love for each and every members contributing to this blog. Here are some wishes from fellow chatroll visitors:

  • silentarchangel

“our up-and-above (maybe not in real life), mma-freak, tiffany-crazed, and overall awesome leader, its been an awesome time with you and A4m, and i hope that we’ll stay together and grow  in our love for SNSD…
oh, and may we have more nights of “kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings of the woooooooooooooooooooorld”

  • 1018

Hey Dready!

I hope you’re happy about this surprise post we got for you. It’s not much but I hope it’s the thought that counts. Kinda cliche but meh 😛

Anyway, I hope that in the next few years you’d reach that dream of yours and that you’ll be happy and contented no matter what happens. It’ll take time, but as Tiff said, you can’t easily loose something you’ve worked hard for. I know it might take some time but I’m pretty sure you’d be really happy when you finally get it. From what I’ve seen, you work really hard and I think that big break for you will come soon. Maybe in the next ten years or before you hit 30? haha. Nothing comes easy in this world but I don’t think you need me to tell you that. I just wanted to make this post longer. bwahaha.

Also, remember when we were talking a few months ago, about how you can’t keep in touch with people who you’ve known for a short period of time? Like, you’d get to know people but it barely reaches a year when you’ve continued any form of communication with them. In times like these, it’s really hard to get a hold of friends and continue those ties since we’re too busy living our lives. But I hope we’d still keep in touch until a year (to prove that wrong) and maybe for a few more years, yes? Just a few more months and we’d have known each other for a year. 🙂

Keep on working hard but remember to take a step back and look at the big picture. How does it look? 🙂

Dready fighting!

A4M fighting!






Happy birthday Dreadtech!

  • gt

hey dready. =P I don’t know you very well but you’re probably one of the most multi-talented people I know. =) i’m anticipating your series and hope to see more of you on screen in the future. you gotta make it big and rep snsdkorean y’know? lol. happy birthday. i hope you have a good one and many many more after.

  • Ahjusshi

The visitor cum author for snsdkorean who has a knack for analysing people. Both Tiffany biased and ass-whoopin’, dreadtech makes up a good combination for a good friend.  Good for drinking a beer with while talking about life in 5 years time. I was nearly bestowed the chance to meet this great person, but things didn’t go as planned. But anyway, here’s wishing dreadtech a good birthday, however old this martial arts exponent is. I’d rather talk more, but this isn’t the best of places to. Drink up, mate! Lastly, nine apologies for wishing you this late. I could have mailed in a certain rotten mushroom for as an apologetic gesture, but I’ll have to source it from South Korea, and I’m sure Korea doesn’t want their favourite mushroom to get kidnapped. Okay I have gone too far. You’ll know why only the three of us planned this out.

  • Procrastinatoress

Let’s…get to know each other some time soon. XD You’re an excellent writer and I have mad respect for you. Let’s keep working our best huh? HBD and wishing you the best. Heheh, you always seem to be doing something really important and huge…hwaiting!

….Btw, you’re really only 5’4?

  • MAEniac

Ugggghh super lame. I totally had put my birthday post in here like 4 hours ago but I guess wordpress cannot compute two people working on a post at once.. now what was it that I had said? Uhhhhh.. something like: “Happy belated BIG 2-1 my dude. I’ll pray that you have a successful career and good life with your smexy Aussie accent. I’ll buy you a drank now that you’re legal. Vegas or Tiffany’s room South Korea. You choose the spot vegemite birthday boy. 😉 ❤ Much love. ❤

'cause I know you like them dirty