So two things to cover today, the newest cf of goobne with the girls as chefs have come out! and also if you guys haven’t heard it, very lovely individual audio snippets. Hit the jump for the up and up

First up is Goobne, only can find seohyun atm, so writers add more if you find em (Jess’s one has been added in a newer post!)

And next up, is Taeyeon and Jessica’s voices singing the SBS Logo song individually, I know we’ve already posted the snsd one, again could only find this vid, and I have no idea how old it actually is…ok I’m told it’s pretty old, but we haven’t posted it so BITE ME! *runs*


thyrone (snsdkorean chatroll user, for heads up)

Youtube uploaders (kpopseries , MikiMostazaGirl , 9medz)

zahieyjunki (soompi)