It’s been forever a while since we have seen MuBank. What a relief, it’s back! I’m sad thought! Why? Todays performances mark the the beginning of the end. This is their goodbye stage for `Oh` and `RDR`.

Here’s ‘Oh’

And here’s ‘RDR‘… in white. Kind of bored of them dressing exactly the same, should have atleast given atleast one of the performance in individual outfits. Though, I’m thankful they didn’t wear those horrifying clown suits they had with the group hairstyled in buns. Actually, I just watched it again. I loved the flowy hair today. And for the first time, I’ve finally been able to see all the girls dancing in the diagonal line (at the end when Sica sings her last solo), loved it too!

Don`t worry though, our girls will be back before we know it! They will be pursuing solo projects, attending school,and working hard for their next comeback. Actually, I think they are working towards japanese promotions? We shall see!


Video Credits: codemonmonmixes@youtube