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Yuri,Tiffany and Sooyoung(My Favourites) were recently busy with the shooting of Biotherm CF.
Anyway,let’s check out the video from behind the scene!

Apparently three of them were asked of their ideal types,and Tiffany named Cha Seung Won.
In case you are wondering,he is an Korean actor and he looks like this.

I can see that you got an arrogant face there. d:

Sooyoung then bragged about Seung Won’s son,Noah,being her elementary school classmate. She continued stating that she visited his house frequently when she was younger.

When Yuri was asked about how she maintains her clean skin,she replied that she put on a 3cm moisturizing cream the day before. Whereas Sooyoung jokingly said that water moisture was coming out of Yuri’s pillow.

They all look really pretty there,don’t you agree?!

Credits : CodeMonmonMixes@Youtube.com & allkpop