The girls have done it again. I think it’s almost safe to say that it’s a standard for these girls to be #1 on the charts. But who knew that they could have multiple standings on the charts? Confused? Check it out!

Top 20 best selling albums on Hanteo in 2010!

1.SNSD 2nd album + repackage
2.2AM Mini album + repackage
3.KARA’s 3rd mini album
4.BEAST 2nd Mini Album
5.CN Blue Mini Album
6.T-ara first album
7.Epik High Special album
8.2PM first album
9.Seo Taiji
10.DBSK’s Conncert album
11.U-Kiss first album
12.Lucid Fall 4th album
13.G Dragon LIVE
14.Younha 3rd album
15.MBLAQ first album
16.Kim Jong Kook 6TH ALBUM
17.Lee Seunggi 4th album
19.SNSD first album
20.BEAST first mini album

G-Music KPop JPop Weekly

KKBox (Monthly Album) Music Chart
KKBox (Daily Song) Music Chart
“5” Music Chart
*Note: Oh! is number 5 on this list.*
That’s right. Gee and Baby Baby are still on the charts in certain parts of Asia. Even the Baby Baby repackage is #10 on  Hanteo’s 2010 list of highest album sales. This comes as no surprise though, seeing as how the girls are seen as the girlgroup that Korea would protect until the end of the world. Korea held ANOTHER poll about the top girl groups. This time, it was based off of the movie, “The Book of Eli”, which depicts the end of the world in the year 2043. In a survey done between March 29 and April 4, SNSD was chosen as the group that they would want to protect, come said apocalypse.
credits: sosiz