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If you’ve been watching Invincible Youth, which I know you have because it’s OMGamazinglolz, then you know that Hyunah’s leggings were only worth a block of tofu. An interesting picture has recently appeared on the internet, showing what is apparently “Yuri’s” pants for only 5000 won (~$5 USD):

Note: Sign says Yuri’s Pants.

Wouldn’t you want a pair?

Also, if you haven’t freaked out too bad already from the previous Star King post we did, then here’s another Star King cut that just might send you over the edge.

In contrast to the other cut, this time.. take at least double the amount of deep breaths you did previously if you don’t want to smash your screen in. Did you do it? No? Do it. Okay… done?

An (adult) male kisses Sunny.

SNSDKorean is not responsible for your now broken monitor and/or keyboard and/or whatever else you just threw against the wall.

cr: Bossa747@twitter & UnknownCarrot300@youtube