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UPDATE: episode 5 WGM subbed complete

This is my first post, so I’ll start off by saying that I, along with the other new (and old) staffers look forward to bringing you faster and more updates with our new team. =]

Anyways, it’s another weekend, meaning another episode of WGM subbed! In this episode, the couple visits a restaurant, tries some interesting lattes, calls their mothers, and gets a new house! Will the home be white, 2 stories, and have a garden like Seohyun had dreamed of? Find out below! Rest of the parts after the break!

credits: NulSaRangHaeS5

So what does iPhone & android have to do with SNSD? That’s right, there is, indeed, an app for that. SM & bugs has released both a paid and free app into the apple app store for SNSD’s Run Devil Run promotions. The free version has the basic released teaser pictures, the video teaser, and the MV. The paid one ($7.99..?) will have ‘exclusive’ pictures of the girls released. If you have an android phone, there’s only the free version available right now, so it looks like you can’t sell your soul to SM (just yet).

Although, we all know that eventually, somebody will upload the pictures…

cr: omona@twitter.