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On the latest Family Outing Season 2 episode, the cast crossdressed and YoonA was no exception. The episode was about a pageant and it was said to have taken place at Jun-nam Kwang-yang Sum-Jin Village. The pageant was called “Mr. & Ms. Plum Contest” and was supposed to help advertise the “Plum Festival” at the village. The male casts became “Ms. Plums” while the female casts became “Mr. Plums”. Every contestant showed their individual talents at the event. So what did Mr. YoonA Plum do?


Check out the cuts below,

She performed boy band Shinhwa’s ‘Wild Eyes’ and reenacted Shinhwa’s chair dance without flaws at the event. According to Osen and Typicalharu@soshified, After seeing the cuts from the episode, people commented that she was a handsome boy (a flower boy?),

everyone laugh by saying that she was ‘a guy looking for employment who hasn’t even gone to military yet’.

Source: Osen & Typicalharu@soshified

Video credits: UnknownCarrot300@Youtube


Handsome Mr. YoonA plum 😀 Ah, I haven’t watched the full episode yet, but it looks hilarious. I want to watch it badly. I wonder who won the contest.