Before I start writing: I actually forgot about this until a few days ago so…there won’t be anything special for this post since I told the staff late. My bad 😦 And this post might be a bit bad..woke up to a few problemos. ANYWAY.

So two years ago, a silly idea came to me: start a fan site for SNSD.

I don’t know how or why the idea came to me..especially since I was a pretty new fan to the group. They were the second group in Kpop that I liked (Big Bang being the first) and probably still the only girl group that I have a complete 100% interest in still. I started getting curious and looking up the girls around the end of December ’07 and really started becoming a fan around January. During that time it was hard to find news and pictures of the girls, except for a certain forum, but I personally never liked forums since you had to sign up, search around the place for this and that. Too much work. Why not something simple? Well, I guess that’s how the idea came to me then: a blog.

I had no idea what I was doing and after maybe 8 months, I got way too lazy and just began copying and pasting articles. Surprisingly the views still continued to grow. Luckily though, Maria popped out and started posting and helping out. She volunteered to help when I made a plea asking for assistance while I took off for a vacation over the summer. (didnt work out so well since her computer died D: ) But luckily she helped out because without her, we couldn’t have gotten all those affiliates (points to right hand side bar) and brought so much more attention to this blog. THANKS BEHBEH ❤


And then of course, we hired new staffers. I COULDNT EXPRESS MORE APPRECIATION TO FERREROROCHER9, JULAYY (i dont know how many frickin y’s you have girl :\ ), CRAZY51, SOOFANY, SOSHIMMY (wait is that right? its early in the morning) and ELLE. I know readers are probably thinking “you guys are so freakin slow.” Well..all I ahve to say is, this blog wouldn’t even be moving without them. So thanks to you all 🙂 It’s so great talking to all of you, especially Julie who stalks the crap out of me <33 I know Julie and Ferrerorocher9 (didnt know if you wanted your real name out there girl) are entering college this fall just like me, so good luck girls! Get that number 1 school onto your list of acceptances. Wish us luck everyone!

Lastly, readers and commenters. I know there are LURKERSS so please, drop a comment for us. We like to know someone is reading the janx we post. But thanks to you guys, our views go up, our popularity goes up, We rank what is it..number 2 or 1 on google. Sure snsd might not visit us but we’re converting fans through thisplace. We bring laughter (hopefully) to you all. Plus we allow some vulgarity. LOL. Continue supporting us, these last two years have not been easy. Stop by the chatroll on the right hand side, make an account, and talk with us 🙂 I’ve met some pretty awesome creepers people from it. You da best. AND SIGN UP TO BE A STAFFER. >>HURRR<<

Couldn’t thank you all enough for stickin’ by our sides with this silly blog. I wish this post could’ve been even more special but hey, its the thoughts the counts right? Have a wonderful weekend and continue reppin’ the 9 girls we love oh so much!