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Okay, so this post has nothing to do with reality (yet) but has lots to do with SNSD. So I’m going to write this post and see if anything comes true because the dream I had definitely felt real. Though, there are some parts to it that I’ll probably cut because it has nothing to do with SNSD and if it does, it’s probably more than PG-13 to be sharing. Ahem, anywho…

I had a dream last weekend, Sunday morning (technically, since I slept at 05:00 lol), and a lot was packed into it since I technically was only asleep for an hour. I can’t possibly imagine what more could have happened if I didn’t get a phone call at 06:00 and frankly, I don’t want to. The dream was getting more interesting and it’d suck to know that it would have gotten better if only I turned my phone off.

The dream started off some Star Wars-esque theme, no idea why since I’m not a Star Wars freak really (but it’s not like I hate it like Twilight). I’m going to assume it had something to do with JeTi because it sorta reminds me of Jedi and there was some joke somewhere about the couple name being easily confused with Star Wars Jedis. Either way, the boy and girl in that dream was definitely not Jessica and Tiffany and what they were doing was definitely not something Jessica and Tiffany could ever do…

Anyway, after that whole thing, I went with some friends to an MBC Music Core performance which of course, Tiffany and Yuri host. I guess I’m friends with people who got me back stage passes because I saw everything in a crowd that was at least 100, 000. Yeah, it was pretty much a concert. Lee Minho, Jinwoon (of 2AM), and other celebrities were there to perform with Yuri and Tiffany as if it were some big event.

Turns out it was because Tiffany and Yuri were performing their upcoming duet single, What if I Love. I gotta say, the song sounded great! Super catchy and pretty great melody and vocals. They extended the song for the concert, interacted with the crowd to let them sing it, then Lee Minho rapped part of the lyrics, Jinwoon sang the next line quickly accompanying it with the piano, and then the girls took the song back and ended it with a boom.

So I think I had this dream because it was Yuri’s birthday or something. Either way, I’m posting this now so if Tiffany and Yuri ever have a single together, I want to be the first to say “I KNEW IT!!!!”