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Tiffany's sulking

 Star King, why? I just don’t understand. Why? Wae o wae? Why oh why did you get two gheis and a girl who gets shy around males to dance with hot sexy guys? It’s not even fair! I don’t even like chocolate*, but I don’t mind touching them! 

See, that’s why Tiffany was all sulky and possessive of Jessica that whole filming. I’ve got more pictures to prove it, but they’re too big and I hate linking. So I guess they knew they had to put on a face and dance around with hot boys. But hey, at least they made the best of it and made it look realistic! What good sports.

I don’t know what else is going on in the episode except that for some reason, Jessica is holding a picture of Manber from Eff of Ex. And then I got to thinking (and we all know how good I am at that!)…

>>Full Image<< See, Jessica has figured out how very clever Manber. Mznber has this plan to take all the pretty and innocent Kpop youngin’s one by one (she’s friends with all of them! and she knows their sex hormones are all crazed so they’re an easy target really). She starts her plan off by attracting them with her “cute” boyish style, showing them that she’s cool and friendly. It’s like the perfect combination for a girl! The innocent guy that is easy to talk to!

But just when the girls might be second guessing themselves and Manber’s intentions, she shows that she has to show that she once was like a normal girl too (like telling them that she used to wear skirts like girls back in the day). Once she convinces them with that, the victims calm their qualms and THEN, she puts her mission into full throtle. By the time you know it, she’s already bagged (potential) youngin’s before she gets to move on… to the older ones. And THAT is what Jessica is going to reveal.

*Chocolate abs – Korea’s new word of the season. I guess they no longer use the M-Line lol

Credit: Prot0530 @YT