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Hmm, that’s what it looks like to me!

One of 2009’s new girl groups, T-Ara, is having a comeback with a new (mini?) album this December. But it looks like after two members leaving and adding three in, they wanted a fourth one- Yoona!

Haha just joshin’ of course 🙂 Yoona wouldn’t leave the Don‘s side. Are you kiddin’? Do you know what kind of process you have to go through and what kind of life you’d be living afterwards? Yuri and SooYoung can’t protect her forever!

Okay, I’ve been a fan of >>T-Ara<< since I heard they were supposed to be this year’s SeeYa and Davichi. So of course that got my attention right away! They furthered my interest when I heard their song for the Cinderella Man OST.

>>MV Ver. 2<< A much more fun and less depressing video lol

You can probably already tell why I fell for them lol they’re just my style (of music)! Too bad they broke up :T  Not that the new T-ara is bad now, but they’ve stopped doing this style and of course, moved on to the second phase of Kpop- no longer using real vocals. As you can see from the teaser for their upcoming single…

Though I gotta admit, they did pretty damn good job in their second MV/single after the member change in their group. It’s freaking good! I love it when really vocal-centric groups can make something upbeat and catchy and still use the same strong vocals (which is why I love SeeYa and Davichi lol). This song is what’s permanently gonna keep T-ara in competition with the already top girl groups of this generation. Though their debut (with the song Good Person)and the days that lead up to it were highly anticipated due to their pretty faces, young ages, and reported strong vocals- Gojimal (Lies) was their first official market sold single and it did quite well.

Ver. 2 (more depressing lol)

>Ballad Ver. 3<<

And here’s their latest with SuperNova

Some of you may recognize two girls, JiYeon who was with Davichi and SeeYa (post-Nam Gyuri) and HyoMin who is in Invincible Youth with Sunny and Yuri. Those two, along with EunJung are the three original members of T-Ara.