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SM Entertainment‘s very own VJ/DJ, Isak (a.k.a. Ida unni), reported on Arirang that our very own Muscle Maknae Seobaby is leading the battle of the Maknaes!

So proud of her ;_; I knew her emotionless stone cold and serious expressions were good for something! Keep ’em on their toes, Seobaby! We haven’t forgotten about you, we know you work hard!

Hehe, glad to see 2NE1‘s Minji, Brown Eyed GirlsGain, and T-ara‘s Jiyeon as well!

And I’m glad about what Isak said to wrap up the whole video. Seriously, girl groups are getting younger, but they’re also getting more talented as well. Something I’m very happy about. Lil Jung, I expect to see you in there some time soon! Work hard 🙂

…Uh, yeah, we still consider age, Isak. D:

Credit: Arirangworld @YT