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I wonder if anyone will get that…

Anyway, I promise this will be my last EFF OF EX post unless some good information is released. For now, it’s just random fangirling stuff.


After much thought since >>my previous post,<< I don’t know if I can see a pairing in this group yet. I know it might be way too early, but even before SNSD debuted, I already imagined Tiffany and Jessica as a couple (that later changed… and then changed again into my current beliefs now). Then again, I’m not sure if I can handle anymore ghei D: I have enough of that with SNSD, and even more of that with JeNy.

But Manber, if you really are with Krystal, just take care of her. Don’t want the Don to have to use her muscles on you and I don’t mean Seobaby. I know that you have >>muscles of your own<< but I’m sure you don’t have the power and resources to fight for your life…

Okay so anyway, here’s their scheduled event!
LIVE POWER Music in Gyeonggi – September 11th, 19:00 – 20:00
No news yet on a debut stage and where. Maybe KBS Music Bank?

And some random info for their profile:
These kids are so damn tall. A reason to hate them . Victoria is 168, Sulli is 169 (she was only 149 in her old profile lol), the shortest is Seongyeon (Luna), it seems, and she’s 163! Krys should be at least 167. Amber looks very tall in the pic above, much taller than Krys, but I thought she seemed shorter in the teaser.

Tama Mama @JPHIP

Seolri, Manber, lil Jung, Victoria, Seongyeon

Maybe the girls were wearing heels and Manber wasn’t… so the girls looked taller than her?

If I remember correctly, Tiffany who is 164 or 165cm  and the same height as Jessica, would make them 5’4.3″ish… meaning Krystal is taller than Jessica… lol cute. WAIT. Not cute! What are they feeding kids in Korea these days?! Maknaes get taller and taller!

I wonder if Krystal has an accent in Korean, just like her sister. Or if she has an accent in English……………just….like her sister xD
Credits: Tama Mama @JPHIP