An adorable, doll-like display of SNSD has been revealed.

The current issue of ‘Elle Girl’ fashion magazine displayed a grandeur transformation of the nine members of SNSD dressed up in bunny girl, classic Barbie doll and funky party girl costumes.

Notably, this particular photo shoot included designs by renowned illustrators such as Kim Ahram, Cocomi, Lua and Cheon Eunhye, and has attracted much popularity for the ‘SNSD illustrated T-shirt’ design.

The September issue of ‘Elle Girl’ will include not only SNSD’s unique transformation, but also a behind-the-scene story of the photo shoot and a brief conversation about ‘Girlish.’

Well if you are still either reading this or alive after looking through all of those, i have to say the girls look Sexy, cute, and Adorable all at once (its a talent). Though i dont really see the bunny, i guess those are ears right? but who am i to argue the artist! Well enjoy the pictures!

Photo Credit: Elle Girl

Reporter: Kim