On the August 17th episode of SBS Yashim man man 2, Girls’ Generation member Yoona ranked the girls in terms of looks.

Well, it wasn’t completely her choice, as the MC’s asked, but she answered, “During our debut days, I used to hear fans say Taeyeon, Tiffany and I were the prettiest. But with the Genie promotions, I’m hearing Yuri, Sooyoung and Seohyun have become very pretty.”

Yoona ended her ranking with, “I shouldn’t have cut my hair,” in a joking manner.

Well, Yoona is right about Yuri, but c’mon, she was always the hottest!


It looks like all that >>>flaunting<<< has really paid off for our Yul. As for Seobaby, it seems like >>>she’s finally successful<<<.  Also, it seems SooYoung’s finally >>>catching up with her past<<< with Route0. This article says things have only been looking up for SeoSooRi since Genie…. Honestly though, they’ve been in business since before.

credits: johnnydorama @ allkpop, and Arc for showing me, Maria for article 1+3 and YT vid, soofany for article2