I had some business to take care of earlier *cough*4th of July get-together*cough* so I couldn’t make this earlier… But after the third or fourth time seeing this…Something’s come to my attention, as well as Cindy’s, and it’s just getting silly. So while joking with her earlier, she actually encouraged me to do it so here I am.

As all of you guys know, we love all our visitors and we love those who comment even more. And I’m not just saying this because WE NEED you guys to comment on our site. No, I’m saying this because I’m someone who has written for multiple blogs before, some bigger than others, and this is a routine thing to say.  But our readers and those who comment is what makes the blog not only more interactive but a hell of a lot more fun as well. We at SNSDKOREAN are quite generous in what we say and what we allow others to say on the blog. If I’m not censoring myself, why should you? If you want to look like a creepo for SNSD, I’m not gonna stop you! If you want to hate on SNSD, I might even approve your comment! (I just won’t hesitate to say something back to you ^^) Hell, I’ve done it before.

We’ve all got something to say, why should anyone stop us?

(If you know why I chose this pic, plus points to you!)

(If you know why I chose this pic, plus points to you!)

What I’m trying to say is… if you don’t like me, my style, or whatever else I do on this blog… That’s fine. I don’t care. I seriously… don’t. I’m trying to have fun and entertain those who do. SNDSKOREAN may not be the biggest SNSD fansite, but we’re growing. Every day, we’re growing. And I’ve been through this process of growth before, especially when I worked under the more popular sites,  and I have learned that each site gives off a sense of style. But what makes a site flourish is through the dedication of the writers but most of all, to stand their ground.

I feel like I can say this because I’ve worked for online news blogs before. My past work ranges from Ikkimashoi, to Shenyuepop, to Allkpop, and more. I’ve been offered jobs at other places, some with pay and some with benefits. And if you know anything about these news blogs, you’d know that they have a certain style to them. So of course, it’s natural that I use the same blog style that I’m used to, one that I’ve grown familiar with.

Mind you, I was just a kid when I worked at these places. I’m only a high school kid now, so honestly, these places are all I know. Well, okay, I lie. They’re not. But from what I do know, working with a team of people similar to me and with a boss similar to me, the style of blogging that I do is…well normal. At least it is to me.

So yes, I do sound like Allkpop (whatever that’s supposed to mean anyway). Yes, I know I come off as perverse. And? Have you BEEN to other sites before? Do you SEE what they say about other celebrities? If you don’t care about other celebrities, then do you see what they say about SNSD? All I know is, if I were to pick from what I’d be less disgusted by: reading how the author wants to do inappropriate things to nine girls OR reading how the author sees a situation and tries to make it humorous and entertaining… Well, I’d go for the latter, wouldn’t you? What I’m doing is participating in what people call “fanservice” anyway (well…’cept for JeNy of course.) and this is a BLOG/FANSITE dedicated to SNSD, written by FANS.

Another thing I want to say is… Kpop isn’t always interesting. In fact, if you took away all of the news, videos, and pictures I post… that’s all you’d have. ALL you’d have. And I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty much worthless if all I did for a site was gather up things here and there and post it. I’d like to at least make myself useful and DO something with what I’m given. So if that means that I have to make an ass out of myself, so be it.

Honestly, I feel the same way as the girls from SEOULBEATS do about the blog.

If  you really must ignore me, that’s fine. I see in the amount of views my posts gets or even the amount of comments that I get… that I’m not doing too bad. I know there are more lovers than haters, and I appreciate that. But the reason for me writing all this is for you to know that I AM AWARE of what people think and I AM AWARE of what I’m doing may not be in some people’s liking. It’s not gonna stop me and it shouldn’t stop you from continuing to come to this site to read the other authors’ posts.

Because seriously, where else are you gonna find a blog as awesomeas as this one, dedicated to SNSD? ^^