So I’m sure we’ve all heard that the girls moved into a new dorm recently and the whole room mate thing has been flip flopped all over. Turns out, Mushroom is most likely rooming by herself cause she is just loaded with personal possessions. At least thats what the excuse is.

No, the real truth is…ahem, are you ready to bear the truth? Well the truth is I’m constantly visiting Tiff and we always need our special alone time and the members respect us so they want us to have privacy. Hell, I took Tiff TO PROM! You best believe me. And of course. when I’m busy over here in the States, Yul can visit Tiff’s room and have some funn (: They wouldn’t need to shoo the 3rd wheel out so nothing would look suspicious.

But yeah, essentially, tiff has her own room and I have provided you all with the truth…

..what?! Y’all can throw out JeNy theories and I can’t throw out some YulTi loving?!