Not only is Chung Lim smart, but he also has good taste.

Click below to find out which SNSD member he’s willing to love more than Son Dambi!

Newbie male solo singer, Chung Lim, not to be confused with a more talanted and legendary >>Lim Chang Jung<< or more talanted (but underrated and >>WAY better looking<<) >>Chun G<<, was asked a very interesting question during his appearance on KBS Joy.

Chung Lim stated that lately, he’s been seeing Son DamBi everywhere he goes. Whether it be the gym or at rehearsal studios, he always spots her or runs into her! However, after saying all that, he declared that “I will not forget about So Nyuh Shi Dae’s Tiffany.”

Oh No!

When asked, “Who do you like more, Tiffany or Son Dambi?” he of course answered correctly and said Son Dambi.

Wait, Maria… did you just say NOT picking Tiffany was the right answer?

>>This< is all I have to say.