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Edit: I’m responded to the comment below the cut because it has to do with the situation anyway.

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Please, Tiffany, if I may, I’d like to say a few words on your closing statement.

You may not have forgotten your underwear, I mean, we don’t think your that slow… but you certainly did lose it and it simply can not be found when it’s in Jessica’s pocket 🙂


Thanks for the love guys!

JEyon, you took the words out of my mouth. I mean, obviously clipping doesn’t do much cuz their spanky pants are pretty visible… and the twirl and lift of the skirts just looks to be too big for it to be supposedly pinned down. But whatever, thank goodness for them wearing shorts cuz if not… STAND would just pick up the “wearing skirts to show panties” thing again. God knows how old that gets.
I think after Son Dam Bi, they made it mandatory for everyone to be wearing these shorts.

Oh, and I don’t know about you guys… but the fact that Sooyoung was gripping Tiffany’s arm to keep her from talking and to let Yoona just take care of the situation (instead of Tiffany screwing it up?) looks quite suspicious. I’m not saying I’m doubting our girls, I’m just saying. Just saying.

Oh and also, I like how Jessica is so not cool with TaeYeon staring at her girl’s ass. Not cool, Tae, not cool. You don’t see Jessica staring at Junsu’s ass! …Well then again…

Credit: Hyunjin808 @YT