The girl group SNSD have been chosen as MC’s on MBC “Sunday Sunday night,” and they will take on the challenge of Horror Queen Survival.

On the 23rd on “Sunday Night,” if all goes according to plan, SNSD is to take on the challenge of producing a horror movie on their new show, “SNSD’s Horror Movie Factory.”

SNSD will bring a special acting coach every episode to learn different ways of acting and be tested. Through these tests, one SNSD member will be chosen as the best Horror Queen to star in the horror movie.

The SNSD MC’s first production of a Horror movie will air on the 3rd of May.


So their new MBC show is called “Horror Movie Factory”. It’s gonna be like acting missions? Whoever wins get a screentest with movie people, viewers can send in scripts, bla bla bla. Someone please post an article. I’m lazy.

Omgomgomgomg What if they do Action Horror movies?! ;_______________; My Kkangpae Shidae *sniffle* will finally be *sniffle* made into a movie.

Credits: mbear Tama Mama @JPHIP