And broke their ribs.

Just kidding. But the girls did have a performance at Gangnam Hospital where they performed Himnae for the crowd.

Somehow, I knew it’d happen to Jess. I’m sure she’s gonna ‘take care’ of that problem later. Or at least her bat will. I mean look at the way Seobaby tried holdin’ Jess back from getting to the backstage before  she could beat some ass! Look at the way she started heading back there after Seobaby released her! I swear, the wrath of Kkangpaes.

I just love how she had to hug her Seobaby and Lady Tiffany had to talk for the Don after telling the two dummies (SooRi) to stop laughingat her.  She must’ve been too pissed for words. It’s okay Jess, we all know how your temper gets.

But seriously, LOL at SooRi and Sunny! Those three really have the best sense of humor 🙂 I think Seobaby fell for it by accident though haha XD Yuri’s still laughing at Jess’ ass till the end of the video. What agreat friend ❤

This is kinda embarrassing though. Then again, we all know artists lipsync because hell, even Big Bang does it now! Although YG likes to claim that his artists never do… But hey, the girls don’t even have to do this, they’re supposed to be in a hiatus! So don’t think less of the girls. SM Entertainment artists are probably the ones that lip sync the most (yes, girls, even our precious DBSK. And don’t get me started with Super Junior…)

Credit: Tama Mama (a.k.a. teamomurice) @Youtube