First off, Maria and I would like to apologize for taking so long in updating that side bar. Yes…procrastination was at its best. Actually props to her for getting me off my lazy bum and start the updating. She got to choose three (well..more like she picked a million and made me choose) and I chose three. Surprisingly, no fighting this time…just arguing on when to start the dang thing 😀 Let’s see what we have in store this week(s)!

First, we got the adorable Tae and that cute lil white puppy! Gah one of my favorite ChinChin moments ❤ So adorable.
Of course, Taeyeon would not be Taeyeon without that dorky side of hers. Taken from the anycall soul photoshoot. Lovely face.
Third one is a personal favorite of mine. The extreme shocked expression with that cute high pony tail. Oh the faces this leader can make..
Yes, tae has a confetti fetish. Ladies and gentlemen, she EATS them.
RAWR! That’s the first word that comes to mind when lookin at that silly and cute picture.
And then we have the three year old within taeyeon, being released. Jumping all around. 😛

That is it! Enjoy staring at those lovely pictures and GIFs.

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I will allow two votes (: Vote once only (I blocked it so you can only vote once anyway). And although Tae is on the poll, try to vote for others!