(If you don’t get the title, look for that K.Will song. Now.)

Ohnoez, Im dying

"Ohnoez, I'm dying"

So you may already know about >>Tiffany’s upcoming performance<< at Inkigayo. Many fans speculate that it will be a duet with K.Will if it’s not a performance of her solo OST song, “By Myself”.

However, let’s hope that K.Will is still alive by the time the duet happens…

I’m sure if anything does happen to him… at least it won’t look too suspicious if Tiffany does decide to sing her  song by herself. Haha get it? Cuz K.Will will be… ah forget it.

Article: So maybe not death threats, but threats nonetheless from…who else? Girls’ Generation fanboys of course. K.Will recently sang a duet with Tiffany and Yuri appeared in his music video for Tears Are Dropping. K.Will revealed that his friends had been very vocal with their reactions as they told him “You’re the real winner. I’m jealous of you becoming a singer“. K.Will also said that he had received threats for no reason. And so it appears like any guys that wants to make music, in studios or in bedrooms with Girls’ Generation members had better hire some bodyguards first.

Hahaha, I didn’t think this would happen since SNSD fans had seemed to mature. Guess not since like I’ve always said, there’s a thin line between anti-fans and obsessive fanatics. But then again, I guess it looks suspicious if you’re using TWO of their members for a comeback while it’s already enough to work with one of them. Don’t blame the awesome K.Will though, I mean, if I had the chance and choice, I’d want to work with any one of them as much as I could. Not only are they hot but they are the hot item in Korea right now so why not?

Whatever, it’s not like CRAZY fans of DBSK, Big Bang, Super Junior, Shinhwa, Wonder Girls, actors, actresses, etc haven’t done this sort of thing before. I guess everyone just wants a piece of the pie! Or Jessica… but maybe that’s just me *shrugs*

Credit: Jeen @Allkpop