Gasp! So I said I wasn’t going to post, but I notice nobody has posted yet so YOU MUST ALL SEE THIS. It’s very short. Come see and stare at SICA who superheroes and fights the monster!

Credits: zippomaru @ youtube ->nexon and soshifanclub.
Ok did I get you all :D? its actually the actual Dungeon&Fight CF we earlier posted about. -edit- I’m sad, I realize the youtube box gives it away by showing the title… =( so much for getting you guys!

Here’s a rundown of the CF.
It starts off with: Taeny playing with a stuffed monster doll.
Then: Sooyoung/Yoona/Fany/Taeyeon dance and sing/giggle
Then: Seohyun/Sica/Hyoyeon pose for the camera
Then: Yuri and Sooyoung gasps and points to it, then along with SeoHyun, they do the typical asian thing when something happens: FLIPS OUT PHONE AND VIDEOCAMERAS.
Then: Monster shoots down a tower and then heads in the direction of the girls, who scream (featuring Yoona/Sunny) and runsaway except… SICA.. who puts on her yellow hoodie and JUMPS OFF INTO THE SKY AND SUPER SONIC KICKS THE MONSTER who dies.

HAHA. These girls are too awesome, but honestly I wouldn’t have expected Sica to be the one fighting. To me, she seems to be the second most timid (#1 being SeoHyun). I would have imagined one of the “stronger” girls to have done it.. like Taeyeon , Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, or Yuri!